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About CBP

Established in 2016, Coherent Biopharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on R&D and commercialization of bi-targeting XDC drugs. The management team of the Company consists of experts in biotechnology R&D, medicinal chemistry/CMC, clinical study, and business development with global industrial experience.


Proprietary Technology

1 Proprietary Platform Technology
5+ First-in-Class Assets
15+ Global IP Protection


Professional Staff

5+ Top scientists & industry experts
110+ Expert professionals.


Solid Portfolio

5 Potential First-in-Class
10+ Products
10+ Oncology Indication Clinical Trials


Global Operation

Integrated management organization in China, the U.S and Australia

Our Culture


Build a world-class bioecology company and create a global coherent biopharma brand


Sincere attitude towards collaboration;
Erudition and insightful thinking;
Innovation to drive progress;
Pragmatic and win-win cooperation


Cancer treatment and beyond Leading pharmaceutical innovation Advancing towards a healthy life

Executive Committee

Our History

About Coherent Biopharma