Patient Safety

Commitment to Patients

As a company dedicated to innovative drug development, Coherent Biopharma always prioritizes patient safety.

We strictly adhere to international standards and ethical norms, conducting trial design and process supervision with standardized and rigorous medical practices to ensure the scientific integrity and safety of our trials.

We value patient informed consent and safety monitoring, dedicating ourselves to provide security and protecting the rights of patients participating in clinical trials.

We have established an effective mechanism for reporting and handling adverse events, ensuring timely resolution of safety issues throughout the trial process.

Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive drug monitoring system to continuously oversee the use of drugs in clinical trials and future markets. This system enables prompt assessment of drug safety and monitoring adverse reactions. We also collaborate closely with regulatory agencies and medical institutions to collectively enhance drug vigilance efforts and ensure patient medication safety.

In case patients experience suspected adverse events, please consult a healthcare professional. To report adverse events to us, please send an email to