Robert Huang,PhD & MBA

Robert Huang,PhD & MBA

Founder, Chair and CEO

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    No. 218, Xinghu Street.Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Robert Huang is the founder,Chair and CEO of Coherent Biopharma.

A serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experiences in Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, he has played roles with increasing responsibilities as Post-doctoral fellow, Group Head, Director of Business Development, Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, President at Abbott Labs, Millipore, Tularik (Amgen), Applied Biosystems, and Abgent, respectively. He is the founder of IBIOSOURCE in San Francisco and Suzhou in 2011, and Coherent Biopharma in 2016 Dr. Robert Huang has a PhD in Biochemistry at the Ohio State University and an MBA at Johnson Graduate School of Management of Cornell University, and BS/MS in chemistry at Peking University. He has authored 18 papers including 2 in Nature and 2 in Nature Structure Biology, and 15 patents worldwide.