CBP-1008, World’s First Bi-Engaging Ligand-Mediated Drug Conjugate, Approved for Clinical Trial

On August 1, 2018, CBP-1008 for injection, a Class I new drug independently developed by Coherent Biopharma, was approved by SFDA for clinical trial, making it the world’s first bi-engaging ligand-mediated drug conjugate entering the phase of clinical study. 

Coherent Biopharma announced in August 2018 that, the Company’s CBP-1008 for injection, the first bi-engaging ligand-mediated selective targeting drug conjugate, was approved by CNDA for clinical trial, which is the first approval for clinical trial issued for Coherent Biopharma since its registration in 2016, marking a giant leap from pre-clinical to clinical study and a milestone in the Company’s development.

According to Dr. Huang Baohua, founder of the Company, CBP-1008 for injection is the world’s first BESTTM bi-engaging ligand-mediated selective targeting drug conjugate with validated targeting advantages and is suitable for multiple cancers for which effective treatment is currently unavailable. Results of pre-clinical study show that it is superior to regular drugs in both efficacy and safety; besides, the maturity of chemical composition process of CBP-1008 ensures its stable quality. 

We are looking forward to kicking off clinical trials in China as soon as possible to offer more diversified and effective treatment options for cancer patients in the nearest future.