CBP showcased its 2nd-Gen pipeline at the 13th Annual World ADC

March 13th-16th,2023, London|Invited by the Annual World ADC committee, Dr. Robert HUANG, the Founder and CEO of Coherent Biopharma Group attended the 13th Annual World ADC London and delivering a speech on advances of company’s 2nd-Gen Bi-XDC pipeline on the Pre-Conference Seminar Day.



The 13th World ADC London returns in 2023 as Europe’s longest standing and most influential antibody-drug conjugate event. With the recent approvals of ImmunoGen’s ELAHERE, AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo’s new Breast Cancer indication, DESTINY-Breast04, supporting Enhertu’s use in HER2-low breast cancer as a new therapeutically targetable category. The ADC field has continued to make major headlines throughout 2022, bringing hopes and excitements to cancer patients and oncology doctors around the world.

Dr. Robert HUANG gave a presentation titled “Bi-XDC: Advances in 2nd-Gen Pipeline Development”, which focused on the second-generation pipeline of Coherent’s unique Bi-XDC technology platform. At the last Annual World ADC London, Dr. Huang shared impressive clinical progresses of CBP-1008 and CBP-1018. In the past year, the drug design platform and advantages of Bi-XDC technology have been further confirmed in clinical practice. In this year annual meeting, Dr. Huang presented the characteristics and advantages of the second generation of Bi-XDC pipeline products.

Among the next generation pipeline products of Coherent’s Bi-XDC, CBP-1019 particularly attracted audience’s interest, showing excellent anti-tumor activity and good safety in preclinical studies. The results of preclinical studies show that CBP-1019 has improved plasma stability, tumor drug enrichment, efficiency, and safety, leading to the much widened therapeutic window. Better clinical performance in a variety of malignant tumors is expected. With FDA’s IND “STUDY MAY PROCEED LETTER” received in January 2023, the first patient in (FPI) of CBP-1019 FIH trial is slated at the end of this month in the United States. The payload, linker and targets of CBP-1019 have all been validated to be effective in clinical. The payload is a new generation of TOP1 inhibitor which is similar to DS-8201. The company expects to explore more indications in clinical in the future. CBP-1019 has lower requirements for receptor expression level, so more indications will be investigated, such as advanced lung cancer, advanced pancreatic cancer, advanced gastrointestinal cancers, and advanced colorectal cancer. In the future, CBP-1019 will have more opportunities in the treatment of many other kinds of tumors, including in rare tumor diseases.

In addition, as the second generation pipeline of Coherent’s Bi-XDC, new emerging products such as C-PROTACs and Radioisotopic Bi-RDC are expected to reshape drug conjugate world. PROTAC has recently attracted eyes because of its unique advantages, but there are many problems to be solved in its development, including its high requirements in drug design, lack of cellular-targeting, and low bioavailability. Coherent’s C-PROTAC technology platform is a new PROTAC drug delivery technology. Based on Coherent’s Bi-ligand synergies Bi-XDC technology, C-PROTAC is specially designed and optimized for the targeted delivery of PROTAC, which can add cell specific targeted-delivery to PROTAC, significantly improve PROTAC druggability, and render PROTAC with tumor-cell selectivity and cell permeability. Based on the pre-clinical proof of concept, Coherent has advanced several C-PROTAC pipeline products for a variety of tumors.
Given the amazing efficacy of radionuclide drugs, the radionuclide project Bi-RDC is another prospective product at Coherent.
Novartis radionuclide-conjugate drug Pluvicto, which was launched in March 2022, targeting PSMA and caused DNA damage to kill tumor cells through the radioisotope Lu177. Only one year after its commercial launch, its sales revenue far exceeded Novartis’ previous expectations, and the lack of capacity forced Novartis to suspend enrolling new patients for Pluvicto.
The radionuclide project Bi-RDC currently under investigation by Coherent can accurately target tumors through one or two targets, and the two targets have synergistic effects, which has more advantages than ordinary RDC products. In preclinical studies, Bi-RDC has enhanced retention and exposure in tumor than 177Lu-PSMA-617


(Dr. Robert HUANG gave a presentation at 13th World ADC)

A plethora of positive clinical outcomes have constantly inspired rise of new drug development enterprises and capital investments; the World ADC Conference remains a widely anticipated meeting for leading biopharma and academic experts to access the latest and hottest ADC events across all areas of drug development.
Coherent Biopharma is not just limited in exploration of traditional ADC drugs, but its exclusive bi-targeting XDC technology platform will open a new chapter in the field of conjugated drugs. With the clinical success of CBP-1008 and CBP-1018, the concept of Bi-XDC drugs has been proven. The company will continue to focus on the bi-targeting XDC technology which is able to overcome the druggability obstacles of a variety of molecules with high bioactivity and cellular specificity, thus to Drug the Undruggable and pioneer a new pathway for drug development. Moreover, the company is building a library of various targeting-ligands, linkers, payloads to develop unlimited potential novel drugs.

In the past decade, ADCs have become an important treatment against cancer, marking that the new era of conjugate drugs is just around the corner. This has resulted in great motivation and inspiration in the field of oncology and is encouraging drug developers to create even more safe and efficacious conjugate drugs of the next generation, bringing life-changing drugs to the benefit of patients.

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About Coherent Biopharma

Established in 2016, Coherent Biopharma is dedicated to R&D and commercialization of bi-targeting XDC drugs. The management team of the Company consists of experts in biotechnology R&D, medicinal chemistry/CMC, clinical study, and business development, including high-level expert in innovation and entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province, all of whom are industrial veterans in global drug development.

Coherent Biopharma’s proprietary bi-targeting XDC technology platform includes BESTTM Platform, C-PROTAC Platform and Chronic Diseases Platform. With the ability to actively and cell/tissue specifically deliver any bioactive molecule, bi-targeting XDC technology of CBP has the potential to overcome the undruggability obstacle of a variety of molecules with high bioactivity, thus to Drug the Undruggable, and pioneer a new pathway of drug development.
The pipeline of the company is not only limited to the field of oncology, but also covers other areas including multiple chronic diseases by tissue/organ site-specific targeting. Currently, multiple pipeline projects have entered into global development stage.